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In our regular feature Nina Grunfeld presents a wellbeing series for HR professionals. It's time to focus on yourself

Because you’re probably reading this at work, and because I know how you love quizzes, I thought I’d inspire you to hone in on work and what’s working or not working for you with our workplace Balance Chart. Fill it out by ranking each category one to 10 (with ‘10’ being very satisfied).

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Meaningful work

Does it feel like your work has a reason/point/meaning? Can you see a purpose for your work? Is your work helping your company? Is your work benefiting someone? Does your role have an impact on the future? Does your work align with your values?


Do you have the knowledge to complete your tasks and fulfil your role? Do you feel efficient and capable? Are you aware of your skills? Do you know why you are competent in your job? Do you know what will help you become more competent?


Do you take responsibility for your actions? Who are you accountable to? Are you accountable for other people? Are you being too accountable? Do you know what makes you accountable in some areas and not others?


Are you achieving in your job? Do you realise when you achieve something? Are others recognising your achievements? When was the last time you felt that you achieved something? Do you want to achieve more?


Are you motivated in your current position? Can you motivate others? When was the last time you felt motivated? How does it feel when you’re motivated? How do you work when you’re motivated?


Do you feel supported by your colleagues? Do you support your colleagues? Do you trust your colleagues? Is blame passed around? Do you listen to your colleagues? Do you feel listened to by your colleagues? Are you lonely at work? Are you scared to delegate?


Are you confident in the workplace? Do you feel valued by others? Have you got a sense of security at work? Do you know when you’re doing what’s expected of you? Do you feel good about yourself at work? Are you always trying to fit in? Are you aware that you’re good at your job? Do you wish you were more like someone else?


Do you feel in control at work? Do you know what could make you feel more in control? Are you ignoring certain aspects of your work? Are you afraid of anything? Do you procrastinate? Would others know you were in control?

Work/life balance

Have you got the right balance between work and play? Do you know when to say no? Are you able to say no? Do you know what to do when you’re not at work? Do you know how to relax? Do you know who your friends are?


Do you use your creativity at work? How can you be more creative? When do you feel creative? What characteristics do you think creative people have and do you have them?

Two tasks for July to enable you to get more out of your work:

1. Keep checking in

Keep asking yourself the above questions until you really understand how you’re feeling about work and what could be different.

2. Change one thing

Could you be working more efficiently? Could you explore another aspect of your organisation? Could you go on a course? Make the first step towards changing one thing about your working life.

Nina Grunfeld is a self-help and wellbeing guru, author, and founder of self-improvement workshops Life Clubs

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